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STAR MARINE SERVICES LLC. has proven ability and excellent reputation in problem-solving in oilfield diving services.
Our general aim is to complete the underwater task- at-hand better, faster and safer than our competitors. Our diving services are provided by highly motivated skilled personnel and reliable modern equipment for Air and Mixed-Gas Diving. We have a team of qualified offshore engineers and technicians who are experienced in all aspects of the offshore industry and able to work internationally. In addition the company’s inspection department includes qualified managers to maintain a high level of quality in inspection and reporting. Aqua Diving Services can inspect and survey a complete range of underwater structures / vessel inshore and offshore.

Our Marine services :

Environmental Solutions:

The goal of this services is to help the owner/operator’s technical department keeping their vessels in compitance with environmental and safety standers , (sludge , bilge water , slops disposal , tank cleaning , oil spill )

General ship supply :

We supply : cruise lines, navy ships , oil Rigs ,offshore platforms and trade vessels with provisions requirements maintaining the international health codes .

Ship Chandelling:
Frozen prime meat , poultry , dairy products and dry stuff are sourced from famous brands from all over the world considering variation in crew nationalities to meet the different tastes , Our refrigerator trucks deliver orders at any of the Egyptian ports.

Bonded stores :
Beverage , cigarettes , confectionary ,perfumes , electronics , gifts and souvenirs are available at highly competitive prices

Our Diving services :

Under water hull cleaning.

Star marine Services LLC.  Our Specialty and core activity is Ships under water hull cleaning with latest technology, which removes ships underwater growth and barnacles on the hull without causing marine pollution and without minimum damage to ships anti fouling paint coating on the hull we using Caviblaster for no damage in anti fouling paint the brushes effect on anti fouling paint ,Our diving and marine services are to fulfill your requirements for underwater hull cleaning, propeller polishing or damage repairs, when your response time is critical, in an emergency, your schedule and when your reputation are on the line.

Underwater Photography & Video
(Live Underwater Inspections).

Star Marine services LLC. provide a number of various diver operated underwater video and photographic systems to provide high quality color and resolution images even under poor water clarity conditions, for our clients to review for the gaining of a better understanding of the condition of their underwater assets. Our underwater video and photographic imaging systems are complimented by portable underwater led lighting systems suited for the most demanding conditions, typical underwater locations requiring specialized underwater imaging services are:

  • Dams-outlet pipes-valves-stop logs-screen
  • Ship Hull and appendages
  • Port ship loading structures
  • Power station hydro and gas water delivery 
  • Environmental bio assessment
  • Salvage assessment
  • Underwater pipes and cables
  • General underwater structures

Non Destructive Testing
(Crack Testing & Thickness Gauging)

NDT Crack Testing
Magnetic particle inspection (MPI) crack testing involves determining the extent of a crack in ferrous metals which may not be visible to the eye. When the extremities of the crack are located often stop drilling technique is required or other supplementary preventative measures.
MPI crack testing can be carried out in the wet or dry using our company’s magnetic particle inspection (MPI) UV crack testing system.
The identified crack can be documented using photography and/or real time video.

NDT Metal Thickness Measuring or Gauging

Star marine services LLC.  Uses underwater Cygnus DIVE Data Logger.
Underwater diver hand held system. It is a well-known and highly regarded system for accurately measuring a metal thickness underwater in digital readout and can be supported with the aid of underwater photography and video.
This system can be used by divers or for deeper water and hazardous locations can be adapted to our ROV system for remote control use very effectively. Our NDT instruments are calibration checked prior to each deployment. This ensures accurate measuring information is obtained for our clients. Metal thickness measuring is commonly performed to determine the current state of the structure when compared to its original design. Typical structures include the following:

  • Bridge and pier foundations
  • Ships hullsPower stations
  • Hydro stations
  • Dams
  • Water storage reservoirs
  • Pipelines
  • Numerous other underwater structures

Buckleys bathycorrometer H1 complete

CP Meters are used for polarisation, corrosion and interaction surveys, in particular as part of the commissioning check or inspection of production and drilling platforms; sub-sea pipelines; ships’ hulls; jetties and other marine works.

We provide the following services:

  •  Under Water Surveys for Classification Societies.
  • Underwater Classification Survey and Inspection.
  • Underwater photography and videography.
  • Underwater cutting and welding.
  • Sea chest working / repair.
  • Hole patching, fixing and epoxy works.
  • Propeller polishing.
  • Rip Rapping.
  • Underwater grinding.
  • N.D.T Ultra wall thickness Reading.
  • Underwater interior cleaning of desalination pipe.
  • Underwater hydro blasting.
  • Stern Tube and rudder clearance measuring with poker gauge.
  • Clearing of subsea debris.
  • Grab lifting and dragging.
  • Installation of geo-textiles on seabed.
  • Jetty installation / repair and maintenance.
  • Block Settings Grouting / Sealants.
  • Underwater concrete works.
  • All other civil construction.
  • Buoy works.
  • Shark Net Installations.
  • Underwater foundation preparation.

CaviDyne LLC – CaviBlaster
The Safe, Efficient, & Versatile Underwater Tools, watch the video

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